Rens & vask

  • Silicone Remover Mild

    Silicone remover – solvent based

    The Carsystem Silicone Remover Mild is a solvent based silicone and grease remover for all daily cleaning works prior to painting.

  • ISO-VE 7030

    Isopropanol cleaner

    The Carsystem ISO-VE 7030 is a special isopropanol-based cleaner for the gentle cleaning of plastic, GRP or CRP surfaces. ISO-VE 7030 provides residue-free removal of release agents, dirt, grease, oil, silicones as well as residual minerals and salts from the surface. Likewise, this cleaner is to be used as an antistatic cleaner.

  • Silicone Remover Water

    Silicone remover – water based

    The Carsystem Silicone Remover Water is a water-based silicone remover for salt, minerals and dirt from the surface as well as rinsing of water base spray guns.

  • Silicone Remover Spray

    Silicone remover

    The Carsystem Silicone Remover Spray removes silicone, fat and oil as well as wax, tar and glue residues. The Silicone Remover Spray is a cleaner for all words prior to painting.

  • Pump Spray

    Pump spray

    The Carsystem Pump Spray is a high-quality pressure pump spray which is suitable for processing and atomising liquids out of the can. The fineness of the atomisation is adjustable.

  • Staub Stop Super Wave

    Tack cloth

    The Carsystem Staub Stop Super Wave tack cloth is ideal for removal of dust prior to painting. The Staub Stop Super Wave has a wave form that enlarges the absorption quantity and is able to hold an incredible amounts of dust.

  • Staub Stop Water Black

    Tack cloth

    Staub Stop Water Black is especially for cleaning the surface before applying water-based top coats. Staub Stop Water Black retains twice as much dust than traditional tack cloths. The acrylic binder is for better durability and abrasion resistance without fiber loss.

  • Staub Stop Water

    Tack cloth

    The Carsystem Staub Stop Water  tack is especially for cleaning the surface before applying water-based top coats or for cleaning of dry water-based top coats. The Staub Stop Water is micro fiber based, has a water-soluble impregnation and leaves no tacky residues or streaks of resin.

  • Staub Stop

    Tack cloth

    The Carsystem Staub Stop tack cloth is ideal for removing dust before painting. The Staub Stop has a very effective impregnation and very good dust absorption.

  • Car Clean Multi Extreme Box

    Cellulose cloth

    The Carsystem cellulose cleanning cloth Car Clean Multi Extreme in the practical dispenser box with 250 pcs. each is the universal cleaning cloth for all cleaning jobs. Car Clean Multi Extreme is highly absorbent and lint-free performance thoroughly cleans surfaces. Car Cleaen Multi Extreme is extremely tear-resistant and even reusable after washing out.

  • Car Clean Multi Box

    Paper cleaning cloth

    The Car Clean Multi paper cleaning cloth is a high absorbing and tear-resistant paper cleaning cloth for absorbing higher quantities of solvents, oils and lubricants. The Car Clean Multi is suitable for paint, metal and smooth wooden surfaces.

  • Car Clean Double Blue

    Paper cleaning cloth

    The Carsystem Car Clean Double Blue is a 2-ply paper cleaning cloth for standard cleaning work in the body shop.