• CC.20 X-pert

    2K clear coat

    The Carsystem Clear Coat CC.20 X-pert is a fast drying 2K acrylic clear coat for all common painting work in a paint shop, from small parts to complete painting. The Clear Coat CC.20 X-pert is VOC-compliant, very user friendly, has a very high final hardness and a brilliant gloss.

  • CC.21 X-press FIVE

    2K Clear coat

    The Carsystem CC.21 X-press FIVE is an extremely fast drying 2K premium acrylic clear coat for small to medium paint work. The CC.21 X-press FIVE is VOC compliant, user-friendly and has excellent gloss and flow properties.

  • AF.21 X-pert

    2K Acrylic Filler

    The Carsystem AF.21 X-pert is an universal 2K acrylic filler for all common paint work in a bodyshop from spot repair to full vehicle and can be set as a high build filler as well as a wet-on-wet filler with a special thinner.

  • 2K Clear VOC Matt

    2K Clear coat matt

    The Carsystem Clear Coat Matt is a VOC compliant 2K acrylic matt clear coat for matt paintwork. The Clear Coat Matt is available in two different matt grades.

  • 2K Clear VOC Speed Plus

    2K Clear coat

    The Carsystem Clear Coat Speed Plus is a premium fast drying 2K acrylic clear coat for all common painting work in a paint shop, from small parts to complete painting. The Speed Plus is VOC-compliant, very user friendly and has a brilliant gloss.

  • Acryl Thinner

    Acrylic thinner

    The Carsystem Acrylic thinner is an acrylic thinner for all Carsystem fillers and clear coats.

  • 1K Easy Filler

    1K High build primer

    The Carsystem 1K Easy Filler is a 1K high build filler spray with very high filling power for spot repairs and partial paintings. The Carsystem 1K acrylic filler is overpaintable with water and solvent based paints.

  • 1K Easy Primer

    1K Filling primer

    The Carsystem 1K Easy Primer is a 1K filling primer with rust protection for spot repair or partial paintings. The 1K Easy Primer is weldable, chromate-free and overpaintable with water- and solvent-based paints.

  • 1K Epoxy Primer

    1K Epoxy primer

    The Carsystem 1K Epoxy Primer is a 1K epoxy primer spray with optimal rust protection for isolating sanding through spots and priming small parts. The 1K epoxy primer has a very high UV resistance and is overpaintable with water-based and solvent-based paints.

  • Etch Primer


    The Carsystem Etch Primer is a rust protection spray for specific repair of original primers on aluminum car bodies, Isolating sanded trough spots and adhesion promoter on all steel, zinc, aluminum substrates for spot and partial paintings.

  • Plastic Primer

    Plastic primer

    The Carsystem Plastic Primer is a transparent plastic primer spray for Spot-Repair of all car and truck plastic parts inside and outside.

  • 2K Epoxy Fill Primer

    2K Spot-repair epoxy primer

    The Carsystem 2K Spot-repair epoxy primer spray is suitable for primering small parts and especially for spot-repair. The 2K spot-repair epoxy primer comes with a variable spray nozzle and offers perfect adhesion and rust protection properties.