RUPES Polish Pad

Polishing pad

The RUPES Polishing Foam Pads are the most versatile foam pads in the RUPES BigFoot range. The RUPES polishing foam pads offer excellent results for professional paint preparation. Rupes polishing pads are suitable for processing all common paint systems and are also characterised by their durability and dimensional stability.

Artikelnummer und Download Tabelle

Art.-Nr. Spezifikation Sicherheitsdatenblatt
158.854 Ultra fine / white / 130 / 150 mm No file available
158.853 Fine / yellow / 130 / 150 mm No file available
158.856 Ultra fine / white / 150 / 180 mm No file available
158.855 Fine / yellow / 150 / 180 mm No file available


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RUPES Polish Pad